The weed brush for garden trimmers - The original!

Mechanical use instead of chemicals. In the removal of weed brushes have prevailed. Weedgo! removes weed and persistent dirt on streets, squares, gutters an other paved surfaces – simple, ecological, efficient.

Application Weedgo!

Weed area before

Weed area after

Weedgo! The effective and ecological way of weed removal

The Weedgo! weed brushes are the most effective and environmentally friendly option to remove persistent dirt and weeds. The sturdy wire braids splice in use. This allows them to work more aggressively in gutters and on sidewalks than any string head, eliminating weed in places hard to reach. To protect delicate surfaces, special weed tufts with WIKRALON® bristles are available. Covers and mobile protective walls complete the Weedgo!-set for professional use.

Weedgo!Pro - the classic

For trimmers from 2.5 hp (1.8 kW).

Weedgo!Two - the compact

For trimmers with at least 1.36 hp (1.0 kW) and max. 2.7 hp (2.0 kW).

Suitable for trimmers as:

  • Stihl
  • Echo
  • Jonsered
  • Dolmar
  • Husqvarna
  • Komatsu
  • Tanaka
  • Shindaywa
  • Honda GX 31

Weedgo!Pro starter set

Weedgo!Pro starter set
• 1 brush head
• 6 weed bunches
• 1 installation wrench

Weedgo!Two starter set

Weedgo!Two starter set
• 1 brush head
• 4 weed bunches

Exchange bunches

WIKRALON® is a specially developed plastic bristle for weed removal on delicate surfaces.

Weedgo! Protective covers

Mounting fixture / shaft (in mm):
26, 28, 30, 32, 35, 36
Suitable for trimmers of the following brands:
Stihl, Solo 142, Efco, Dolmar, Stihl FS 550, Husqvarna

Patent: EP 2241173B1

Weedgo! Protective walls

  1. Three panels of 1130 x 1030 mm (H x W),
    round tube frame with mesh fabric.
  2. Two parts, each 2 x 1 metre
    Aloi frame, stand foldable
    Espeicially sturdy and stabil model
  3. Two parts, each 1,2 x 0,8 metre
    Aloi frame, stand foldable

Assembly: Easy and fast!

Weedgo!Pro is in a few easy steps ready for use

Weedgo!Two - tool-free change of bunches

Video: Weedgo! undergoing endurance test

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